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Morgan Freeman

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How much did you end up spending on materials for the work you did yourself?

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You addressed malicious gaming of the system, but not, I don't think, the core premise of his question. (Or at lease what I read into it)

There are games that naturally lead to longer playtimes, like Rimworld or FTL, but there are also very good games that do not have high playtimes but are not worse for having a shorter playtime. (Think Limbo, or To the Moon as OP mentioned)

Paying out a set percentage that is then divided among your developers creates a zero-sum situation. If Game A gets 5% of the month's profit set aside for developers, that's less money available for Game B now. I fear what this situation will do is to make your platform totally worthless to games that are intended to be short, story-driven experiences.

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No no come on let's not do this. It's just plane wrong.

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Yeah that'd kill it for me too.