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It's been 2 days since surgery, and I haven't seen him since. As a donor, my recovery is speedier, and I've only spent a day in ICU. My father on the other hand hasn't come out of ICU yet. I honestly don't know how he's doing, but I hope he's recovering well and that his body is not rejecting my kidney. Updates to follow.

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He's in a private and isolated ICU. I just asked the doctors for an update and I'm glad to say he's recovering without any problems.

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Thank you for your kind words!! My father is a hydrographic surveyor. He owned a big boat and he'd map the sea floor for possible oil wells, shipping routes and shipwrecks etc. My favorite memories with my father are being with him exploring the South Pacific Ocean with CCR playing on the radio. And diving together when we discovered shipwrecks.

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When I woke up, it hurt like hell.. But my recovery is going well. I'm beginning to breath better and I'm starting to walk around, albeit a little sore.

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Haven't heard from the doctors regarding my father as of yet. I can only hope that he's recovering well in ICU. Hopefully I'll get to see him before I get discharged. Thanks so much for your kind words.