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LazySchwayzee58 karma

I’ve had a few marathons with attempting to lucid dream, I’ve kept dream journals and done practices found in the book Explore the World of Lucid Dreaming. I smoke marijuana for back pain, and the back pain prohibits my lying flat on my back, which seems to be the position of choice for lucid dreaming. In addition, I’m a night shift worker. I’ve heard marijuana heavily dampens the ability for dream recall / lucid dreaming. I’ve also heard that it’s almost impossible to lucid dream on a night shift schedule. With all these factors (marijuana, backpain and schedule), am I doomed to never lucid dream?

LazySchwayzee12 karma

Thanks for the quick and detailed reply! I barely remember my dreams. I’d say I remember maybe 1-2 dreams a month, at most. If I stick diligently to a dream journal, do you think that will boost my dream recall? I remember my dreams so infrequently that I gave up on the journal because I never really filled it.