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So what you're saying is there is a chance.

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FINALLY! I've got a chance to talk to you. Listen here I've got a few complaints, that guy at the front gave me incorrect change, my milkshake is frozen in the middle, and I ordered a McDouble, not a McRib...

That being said how do you deal with annoy(ed/ing) people like me at your restaurant?

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You ever enjoy Spiderman growing up?

If not what got you into this profession?

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Hello Roger, when doing set work or other artistic aspects in film, are there any specific things you wish you could have done, but were limited by budget/time constraints?

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Hey Kristen, big fan of your work. I was wondering what it was like when you first found out about Gravity Falls and got the part of Mabel, I do think it is one of the best animated shows on tv right now.

Also on a related note, what's your favorite show animated or live action you didn't have a part in?