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Okay, so you test the prototypes and label it as work. Pretty sneaky sis.

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I love that this happened. This is LITERALLY the greatest comment of all time.

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Have both of them act as waterboy-type characters for a martial arts dojo. They are both too weak/not talented enough to join the dojo, so the sensei (preferably played by James Hong) just lets them do all the maintenance work for the actual students.

One day the sensei decides to take one of them on as a pupil, but they both must train for (insert time here, you could make it 6 months, or make it from when they are boys, and they train for years and come back as adults), in separate foreign locations, and come back at a set time and fight for the spot.

They come back and discover the dojo has been destroyed, by whatever type of character (american soldier, enemy martial arts dojo, etc) played by Rob Riggle. They then have to fight through cohorts of Riggle's students/soldiers. They fight Riggle, and after they strike the killing blow, Riggle's face falls off, revealing the sensei, and some heartfelt idea or saying before he dies. That or it could be Kristen Bell underneath, and they enter a devil's threesome marriage (alternate ending).

Sound good?

It's been my dream to meet Will Ferrell, hit me up if you want to make this movie, and I'll see if I can make time in my schedule (new semester coming up).

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That is LITERALLY the best counter argument.

*sidebar with cameraperson*

That is LITERALLY the worst counter argument.

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We can make this a reality, I just need to know what your schedule is like.

Also, American Soldier was the first thing to come to mind, because having Rob Riggle is non-negotiable.