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I can probably name all of them, just out of order.


  • Caviar
  • Mid-size car
  • Oh so close and yet so far
  • Roseanne Barr
  • Terry Garr
  • Listen to Tom Beringar
  • Find out who your true friends are
  • These are 70's TV stars

That's all I've got. If anyone knows the rest (NO GOOGLE) I will give you one hundred bugs.

And the correct spelling is "Peeno Noir" because it is an ode to black penis.

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Workout tips: It's important that you're on the crank for anywhere from 10-24 hours a day, straight.

It's also important that your crank is hooked up to a large power generator for best results.

You will see improvements.

And the gif - a friend emailed it to me! It made my WHOLE Easter weekend.

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I was VERY intimidated at first.

But she's great to work for.

She's SO kind and super professional and just really knows comedy. It's been an amazing experience.

It's a total dream! Haha!

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I booked KIMMY SCHMIDT almost 10 years from the day I graduated college.

And for most of those years I was working in the restaurant industry.

Quitting my day job was really scary. But a lot of people who had done it before me said "If you make space, then the universe will fill it in with something wonderful." And that was very true for me.

Almost from the second that I quit, I started booking acting work on a regular basis.

NOT that I'm advocating that people quit their day jobs - but if you have the financial stability to do so, go follow your dreams!

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I am totally freaking out!!

That is amazing!!

VICTORIA NOTE: If you send it to me, I'll make sure she receives it.

And I will take a selfie with it, and I will POST IT BACK!!


This may polarize some people, but North Carolina bbq is my favorite kind of bbq.

I like the vinegar-based sauce. It just doesn't feel as "heavy" for some reason.