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Thanks for doing this! I have been attending Roo since 2010; every year I would wait on line to get into the What Stage pit for a headliner. And every year the same guys were in charge of the pit line. I even made friends with some. I would see them every year.

Last year however, the old crew weren't there. Instead it was a bunch of kids, possibly volunteers handling the pit line. And it was totally unorganized! I waited to get into the pit for Kanye and it was one of the scariest experiences of my life. People jumping barricades, pushing each other. I am not exaggerating it was horrifying and you guys came very close to having folks trampled and seriously hurt.

Can you please get the old crew back that used to handle the What stage pit? Thanks again!

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Since Alex is already involved in Atomic Bomb!; how about a proper Hot Chip set too? Please.

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Can we PLEASE have a Riot Fest in NYC? PLEASE!

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I am going to cheat and ask two questions. What is your favorite American festival to play? Any chance we will see Big Grams performing at Coachella, Bonnaroo, or Governors Ball next summer?