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OP, you mentioned that less than 2 days after your departure, WHO declared Covid-19 as a pandemic, this was already spreading everywhere way before the declaration itself, surely you knew this would effect the countries you are going to travel to, heck even first case in Vietnam was first reported in Jan. So my question is this, what made you travel during a pandemic and what risks did you knowingly put yourself and your loved ones into? Did you realise this late or were you going into this with a idgaf attitude?

Lastliner229 karma

Pardon my fairly ignorant pointer, but how logical do you think Kashmiris stand a chance for any sort of'independence', when you are surrounded by three power hungry countries, you barely have any industry or food to sustain any life, your biggest money maker is tourism, this also relies on either or all 3 countries allowing passage through their borders, literally you are stuck in the middle of no where. Though your nationalism is commendable, but there is no way you can choose to ignore and live any sort of normal nation hood without relying on either India, Pakistan or China.

So realistically, what future solution do you see to this problem at hand?