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What?! You have to pay for your rape kit in supposedly the most progressive city? Anybody know who changed this law back and when? I cannot believe you have to deal with that. Man! RIP United States

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7/10 rapes happen by people the victim knew and there's STILL a lack of education on this. Imagine they.

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I had a friend stay in a hospital and she told me that at the two top hospitals in the country all the nurses and doctors talked about was getting high and that she called the whistle on it and they locked the med room and put one person in charge. What do you think about narciccism in medicine and the way doctors patronize the public and about the basic hipocrisy and double standard placed on addiction? What do you think is driving it? How can we reclaim humanity in healthcare when greed has been allowed to infiltrate and we think we can regulate our way out of it? What can we do to support your cause/raise awareness?

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Hi Sarah,

In a lot of less developed countries it's still customary to let people go who can't afford the bill. Hospitals are not for profit and are really there to help people. It used to be customary in the United States to see a doctor on your first visit for free, and only pay after that. Now everybody wants money up front and sees this as a career. What do you think the impact of the coming recession will be on this dynamic? Do you think people will continue going to other countries when they can't afford medication and treatment in the US?

Also- don't insurance companies want to keep people healthy? It doesn't make sense that they make things difficult for the patient.

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If the career is so caustic for both people and citizens maybe something is wrong. Do we need police officers? Is there a better way to handle these situations than through law enforcement? What about through education and community resources? Are you working towards that? What are some measurements or data points we can use to achieve this?