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Not really a shock to hear him say this. He is very open and honest about his drug related past in the podcast he does with Kevin Smith, called Jay and Silent Bob get old. Highly recommend it if you like a funny, honest look at being in recovery from addiction, and stories of addiction.

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Lol, as a dickhead teenager I used to do this all the time at Blockbuster. I'd have my own PS1/PS2 game scratched real bad and wouldn't play anymore, then I'd go rent the same game at Blockbuster and keep their good copy and return my scratched one. For good measure, I'd also let them know the disc was damaged and I wanted a free rental for my trouble, to which they always obliged.

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Funny you mention Michigan, the #3 seed. We beat them by 20. Would they not be considered "of note"? We also beat Minnesota when they were at full strength and ranked early in the season, and were up on #1 seed Kansas until they hit a buzzer beater 3 pointer with 2 seconds left to win.

I'm not saying we have a tourney resume, but we certainly competed with some of the best, and had a record that has never been refused before.

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This is especially important in this day and age. No one in the education system seems to want to tell you that potential income is a very important factor to determine with choosing your degree program. It is all flowery language about "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life!"

What a fucking fantasy world. Alot of these kids dont have a chance, and our educators are doing a gigantic fucking disservice to entire generations with this BS.

I always followed my dads advice. This process is like anything else in life. You have to sacrifice some from column A (having a job you love) and some from column B (maximizing income potential) to thrive. I made sure i was doing something i really liked, but i certainly sacrificed low paying careers that would have been 10x more fulfilling to ensure i could function in society.