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Are there any space-related foods (e.g., Tang, freeze-dried ice cream) that I should snack on while waiting for the eclipse? Love NASA!

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On an average day at Mission Control, how much space ice cream do you eat?

More serious question, I understand that the SOP is to lock the doors to MCC when there has been a serious accident, is that still necessary in the digital age when data/comms are backed up electronically in real time?

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Congratulations! There questions:

(1) How did you pick your thesis topic?

(2) Based on your thesis topic, does this strongly influence your future research or is it likely that you will explore other completely unrelated areas? I guess I’m interested if this decision early in your career narrows your options going forward - no judgement, just curious.

(3) Do PhD candidates give each other funny nicknames based on their thesis topic? What would yours be?