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Hi Matt. Some production chemist in the industry in Colorado, here. I hope this doesn't get buried under 100 other less-specific questions.

How much do you know about retention time of specifically nanoparticle THC in the body? In addition, similar to how antidepressants and other pharmaceuticals are detectable in public waterways, what kind of environmental effects might this incur? Is there a half life for sequestered cannabinoids (in the body, but far from enzymes)?

And last question: what's the most interesting paper regarding cannabis you have read in 2020?

Edit: 883 comments? Yea, this got buried. I'll pm you in a week and ask again haha

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Is there any product you can make with this that wouldn't be feasible with bovine-derived casein?

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Bespoke cheese is a niche market I'm not sure anyone is exploiting yet, good luck!

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Actually, I have a follow up questions if you're still in the thread!

Would there be any non-cheese application for mass-produced custom casein protein isolates like that? Body builders could use custom proteins probably, I'm sure there's some health or beauty products that would like it.

If you had a target molecule in mind, could you produce it via fermentation with industrial processing in mind? I attempted a Pickering emulsion last year and in my research read about some neat compounds from mushrooms that are prohibitively expensive to extract.

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Favorite type of potatoes? Discuss flavor, texture, color, and picture quality.