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Apparently it had an issue with liquids

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I have traveled both Africa and India. This is much more of an issue in India than most African countries.

African countries certainly have their own issues and dangers.

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Sue the bird for getting in the way of the engine. Perhaps sue the entire species, and anything associated. /s

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I would join it. I travel a huge amount, and in my early 20's it was always economy. Then I discovered credit card churning, and started flying business class for free. That got me accustomed to business/first when flying long haul.

Now I am in my 30's, and could afford cheaper business class fares. ie, earlier this year there were return flights to Europe in business for $1600. I want to be on a list where I learn about these whenever they come up to anywhere in the world. I can afford $2k, but can't afford $6k.

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Where can I find details on cheap international business class flights? I use miles mostly to travel, but would buy business class tickets if I could source them cheaply. There seems to be an abundance of cheap flight sites dedicated to economy tickets. What about business class?