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My daughter and 5 month old twins have over 35 other half siblings.

We have met 3 of them. Actually 2 families are headed down to my house in a few weeks to hang.

My question to you is, with so many kids, how is your bio dad handling it?

The moms have a fb group and chat.

When I found out that I was a zero(no sperm) it was mind blowing. I have no genetic disorders, no issues with anything.

I’m so glad my wife pushed me to have kids though a sperm donor. She picked someone like me, from looks to background. While the kids are not “mine”, I’m their dad.

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This ama hit me hard. lol. We told our daughter that daddy(me) had no seeds and we had to borrow some for mommy to have a baby.

For me, when I talk to my daughter about it; I’m constantly tearing up because it’s like I still failed in life not being able to have biological kids. Also, I have no idea when the day will come where she gets mad at me and will throw it in my face. I think I will die a little the day that happens, but I will look past it.

Ugh. I’m tearing up right now. Haha. So hard.

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We told my daughter from day one. No need to keep it a secret.

We have met my daughters half siblings, only 3 of them, there’s more than 35 families out there that are my daughters 1/2 sibling. We also have 2 5 month old twins, same donor.

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We are pretty right leaning... and are warm hearted, nurturing, and for me, I had to be completely selfless being ok with going through all of this.

We wanted kids, I had no sperm. Wife convinced me to have her pick a donor. 3 kids later(1 4 year old and 2 5 month twins(boy and girl) , same sperm donor.

I hope my kids are independent and can think for themselves and not be affiliated to a political party. My baby twins are too young to see their personalities, but my 4 year old is very independent, like her mommy and daddy. We will see where she falls on the political spectrum in 10-20 years. Lol.

Ps- my wife’s parents are hard core left and my wife is the total opposite.

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My cleaning lady gets 200 bucks for 3 hours of work cleaning my house, who’s the one laughing at her?