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I did the same thing when life started taking more than I perceived it was giving. What i came full circle over was deleting my personal thoughts- even though I didn't want to "sadden" other people- what I actually ended up doing was setting my social settings to "Private" and I would continue to write what I felt, which later helped my shrink make sense of what exactly I was trying to get out. I felt like a "send" signal and noone in this galaxy was in tuned to "receive" what I felt. This hit home Ma

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I would love to see if I can get together an Eye tracker for your computer, a Dot and Alexa. Also, the locomotion of Virtual Reality with like a drone so you can "escape"- do you need to wear some sort of C-spine on your neck when you get out of bed, also, how do you manage your pain?

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How do you think the infrastructure of the KGB might have been like during the transition from communinst to a democracy led by the FSB?