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Priests are usually sworn not to reveal anything that is said in the confessional, unless there is a life-threatening danger concerning the confessor or another person. I may be mistaken though its been awhile since religion class haha.

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So hypothetically, if someone confessed that they have murdered or something serious like that, how would the priest handle that?

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Man, that has to be an impossibly difficult situation for priests.

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Hey so my last comment got deleted by a bot, but just wanted to say congrats for your transformation. I'm only 20 and lost about 95 at this point and I know how tough it can be. It's the best feeling ever though being able to fit into normal sized clothes and keep up with your friends doing physical activities. There's honestly so many little things like that which so many people take for granted. It's all worth it 110% though so congrats and good luck keeping it off, which I know you will. One question though, did you hit a point near the end of your weight loss where it got difficult to lose some of that last of that belly fat? That's where I am now and I was wondering if you had any input. Thanks!