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10 days ago I got a text from my bank with the last 3 transactions I made, one of them not being done by me from onlyfans

About 3 months ago, I decided for the first time to pay for porn cos I liked one girl and the content she was making. But only subbed for 1 month

Somehow my card details got stolen and used for fraud, I'm lucky my bank have incredibly sophisticated systems to catch this kinda thing

I'm now forever put off going that route

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I would LOVE to hear some French hip-hop whilst also understanding the lyrics. If you ever wanna set up a translation for some of your favourites and show the world, I'd love to hear

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I'm genuinely happy you've had no problems thus far. I felt so much better about giving my money to a performer directly, but it's still not quite direct enough apparently

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I'll check it!

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Thankyou so much, where can I find translations?