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Hi, thanks for doing this AMA.

We've seen a dramatic uptick in domestic violence up here in Canada as well due to quarantine. It's being referred to as the "silent pandemic". Women's shelters aren't getting the support they need from the provincial governments, and it's really up to the government workers to hold it together out of sheer empathy, it seems.

What resources are in place down in Florida to help get (usually) women out of abusive environments?

The ripple effect from Covid isn't only people dying from Covid, there are so many lives affected. My hat goes off to everyone helping however they can.

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Can you please tell the webmaster at Motherboard to turn off the autoplay on your site? I've never successfully looked at any of the cool articles you guys have because I just escape, full of rage, whenever I can't find those infuriating videos and turn them off.

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Thanks for your response. Without getting too political, sometimes I wish Canada would enact more stringent laws against people who take advantage of our most vulnerable people.

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TBH, I never stuck around long enough to make sure one way or the other, but if I had to guess, I'd say video posts.

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You cited a federal release of funds. I specifically said provincial.

My source for the domestic violence incidents is someone close to me, so I’m afraid I can’t provide a citation.

Not sure if the CBC is good enough, but click through from there if you want.

This link will also address your question re: why I chose to make a gender-based comment. If you really choose to argue that men are as much at risk as women of domestic violence, you’re being wilfully ignorant.

Edit: your evidence wasn’t opposing, it was irrelevant.