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A butcher and some fishing line. But there was a message behind that dress. I wore it attending the VMA'S with gay discharged soldiers from the military to make a statement. When we die, the meat on our bones bears no sexuality, no difference. We should not discriminate against those willing to give their life to protect Americans. Because when our lives are taken, we are meat all the same.

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Im actually also a metal dudette, worked at a metal bar for years, and was a go-go dancer at rockn'roll clubs. Last night when i got my tattoo of the monster paw, I was listening to Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, AC/DC, Judas Priest. And then other times I listen to Sigur Ros and nature sounds: like birds, water, and such.

But on other nights, i like to slug whisky and scream Bruce Springsteen and Garth Brooks with my dad in the bar at his restaurant. I have a lot of different sides to my personality, but even MORE different sides musically.

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BLACK SABBATH By. BLACK SABBATH I Need to write a song called "LADY GAGA" its the most metal thing you can do!

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I'll leave that in the hands of the sports experts..wish I could phone a friend on this one. Too bad Taylor (my football fan-expert bf) is at work.

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its pretty cool, especially since its it is a-sexual fern, there are 19 species contained within the genus. All sexless, judgeless, How cool. How I wish to be.