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Hi Dr Karl! About 5 years ago you met my husband (then boyfriend) at a cinema at Randwick, he was working on the door taking tickets and you were seeing an XMen movie. You both started talking and you ended up inviting my husband and I to the ABC studios for a day while you did your radio shows. I just want to say thank you! That was one of our most entertaining adventures and you were so kind (you even bought us breakfast). I usually have a million questions buzzing in my head but I can't remember any right now so I'll just ask this: What are your plans for Christmas?

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Small small world! I am a cardiac nurse at that hospital and often look after Dr Walkers patients post surgery. This story is amazing and I'll definitely be telling the other nurses when I go into work next. We love stuff like this!

I hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself :)

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lucky, those big rooms are the best.

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haha well you definitely experienced a broad range of hospital experiences!

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I know dr Subbiah too:) I'm in the private