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Does dehumanization relate to the trend in past 30 years to not know our neighbors? We come home, drive our cars straight into our garages, close it all up behind us. If we do exit our homes we sit behind the house within a privacy fence. We hide from each other. I find it strange.

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aren't meadows and prairies just as important to the ecosystem as forests?

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Squat down like the way you might to "go" in the woods. Are your feet in front of you or to each side? You're welcome. Honestly not sure how someone would squat with their feet in front of them...

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So, any surgery...wisdom teeth extraction, vasectomy, nose job, boob job, tonsilectomy, rotator cuff repair, or hernia repair...EVERYTHING.

AND any medication such as an allergy nasal spray, birth control, a cream for eczema or low testosterone, a med for migraines or a prescription iron vitamin.

That's CRAZY!

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How are you foresting suburban lawns? Sorry i must have missed something.