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I remember like six weeks ago reading social media posts from Chinese young people rolling their eyes that “our parents seem to think they’re the chosen ones” (not taking any precautions whatsoever). It’s a generational thing that crosses cultures.

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those items are only needed for people who are already infected

Oh so they’ve changed their stance on the 5-14 day asymptomatic incubation period, then, where people are spreading it for a week before they even know they’re sick? /s

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If the biggest bottleneck in treating everyone will be caused by the number of available respirators, has there been any word or news releases from manufacturers about throwing production and distribution into overdrive?

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Touching your face isn’t the main method of transmission, inhaling it from an infected person is, especially since it lives in the air for three hours.

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It’s an airborne virus viable for at least three hours after an infected person passes through, keeping your hands clean and off your face only goes so far when we all need to breathe air.