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I think they’re seeing the first line and sticking up for you haha, good job I’m not mard haha. Thanks for the post though pal!

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Please change your attitude pal, anyone saying “that’s out of average joes reach” please reply, “why yes, yes it is and when the end of the earth comes via nuclear bombing I will crawl out like a rich shiny cockroach whereas you my friend will be cinders”

In all honesty and joking aside, truly amazed at this. Here’s a question, everyone worries whilst at home should they have an accident/fire etc but most of us take out our mobiles everywhere and call the local emergency services. Although a lot of households (in the UK at least) don’t even have a landline anymore, do you intend of having a landline on each floor in the event of an emergency as I’d imagine there isn’t signal?

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Oh no you didn’t just drop that bombshell saying, get the feeling it’s the go to saying for you pilots haha.

That’s the one!! Just googled it, euromillions in Britain is 98 million tonight

.... I’ll let you fly in and gander at my shiny silo if I win ;)

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I might make some new accounts to up vote this. Calling someone peasants is such a great term obviously tongue in cheek but being a pilot you could literally look down on everyone too. Just those pesky satellite pilots calling you a peasant pal! Haha

I didn’t know they could do that! Interesting!

Would you plan on having an above ground “house” on the top of it or keeping it as flat as possible?

I once seen one up for sale had a beautiful log cabin on the top of it, runway and mountains surrounding it.