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First thanks for doing this! My partner and I are trying to have a baby. I'm doing ovulation tests and all the fun app tracking that goes with. Many of my friends have turned this process into what seems like a stressful and emotionally exhausting situation. We are trying to keep things easy and stress free. However, we are having trouble communicating that it's time to have sex when I'm ovulating. We are not super sex driven so, I'm feeling quite alone and frustrated in this process. Any tips?

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Thank you for the tips!! We will definitely give these a go.

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Thanks, Billshakesbeer! Your feedback is very helpful and is great advice. We pulled the goalie about 11 months ago but have been doing the ovulation tests for about 5 months. A pharmacist friend recommended that they would help us. Your mentality is exactly where we have been trying to stay. Unfortunately, I think the problem is mine as I think I'm communicating and it's going over my SO's head.