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You are left with but one choice. You must kidnap one of these supposed reptile overlords, and perform a live autopsy, with your father present. That should dispel the theories once and for all, and might be a great bonding experience as well!

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Well, thank you LiberalTennessean, and thank you Deborah Wilson.

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I will say, my friend did get a strippers phone number once, and was in brief contact with her.

Broke his phone, after a few months he went back last weekend, I was with him, and she straight up told him "You know you could have fucked me, right?"

And then some stuff happened during a lap dance. Well, lets just say, it is possible for a stripper to actually dig a client.

Or, she is just damn great at her job.

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Does your father have any plans for these reptilian humanoids? Is his group planning some kind of resistance against the creatures? Does he believe that average people can also be a reptile?

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Also worked amazingly for the Wii.