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I was a crisis intervention phone counselor myself and yes, repeat callers were my absolute favorite.

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I'm in Houston, TX and we have subterranean termites.

I have a wooden deck (built by prior owners) that butts right up against the slab and is laid out like this ( https://imgur.com/a/nHNbbBg )

Its impossible to see under it, or do any sort of termite preventative treatment against the slab in those locations where the deck and home meet.

How the hell do I protect myself against termites without ripping the deck up?

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Omg small world, I was at BRCIC / "The Phone" starting in September 2004! We were probably there at the same time. My phone name was "Andy."

Reddit, you scary!

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I'm thinking we may need to demolish part of the deck and do something similar to this. Good call.

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Good idea, but check out how the decking is attached to the house --- https://imgur.com/a/K3eEP4q

There's a 2x6 or something flush against the slab and the decking planks are laid on top of it. I don't see an easy to inspect the slab with this layout.

I guess just drill holes and treat it and hope for the best?