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Are you familiar with Dr. Craig Willis' work on searches, searcher efficiencies and scavengers?

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Us too! Though little brown bat is cute too.

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Yes, virtually all searches are done using the industry standard 50m radius from the turbine base. This was fine when blades were only 10 to 25m long. There has been some work done on bird mortality which searched beyond the 50m radius (most blades are 45+m now) and found very significant numbers of carcases outside the standard search radius. Thus the mortality is under reported using standard search protocols alone on the basis of the area searched.

While bats are smaller and lighter and die from barotrauma more often than collision, is it reasonable to expect that larger-bodied bats would be projected outside the 50m search radius and have you looked for, or found evidence of this?

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Does your work focus mostly on migratory bats?