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TV Funhouse, the live action / puppet / cartoon / acid trip will always have a special place in my heart. In college my friends and I always used to predrink to this show on Thursday nights. Thank you for the memories. What was your favorite episode of TV Funhouse and why was it the Christmas special where the puppets snorted the Xmas spirit out of the host's spine?

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When I got the tattoo of tweaked out animal puppets shouting Christmas Carols to strangers on the street, the artist said he had only done one other tattoo like this before.

Thanks for the reply, secret tattoo brother.

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My question, in the season 10 episode: "Homer vs New York City", if you freeze the screen at 18:43:12 you can clearly see that there are only three fingers on the Khav Khalash guy's left hand, but then at 19:02:34 he has four fingers. Care to explainn? Just kidding, thanks for the laughs.

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Also, how did you get "Quickly Nibbles! Chew through my ball sack." past the censors?

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I work in a cubicle. In a "grass is always greener" kind of experiment, would you like to trade jobs?