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I have, I've even had multiple dogs jump up into the cab and just chill until the owners came and got them. While it sounds super cute on paper that is not the case in the real world, when the animals follow/chase the vehicle we have a chance of potentially hitting them, so we have to take it slow and use our horn to try and get them to leave.

For all the owners of cute fur babies I highly recommend that if you see a UPS driver, put them inside or have them on a leash so we don't get anxiety of potentially getting hurt by or hurting your pet.

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Never more than 5 days away.

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That's most likely due to Amazon now shipping more than 50% of their own packages. When we used to ship more of their packages (2017) 96% of Amazon packages arrived on time (2 days or less). Now that we don't ship as much (2019) less than 75% of Amazon packages make it in that 2 day window. I would highly recommend having Amazon send another shipment out and specifically request UPS to ship the package.

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Bluntly in the past all packages were handled the same regardless of markings on the cardboard. This stemmed from online shopping blowing up and us feeding millions of packages through a system designed for a fraction of that amount of packages. Since 2015 UPS took an aggresive investment towards an automation approach and now has a system where your package is actually handled very minimally by humans and therefore is very rarely handled improperly regardless of the markings.

The worst broken package I've seen, this was not me but the person I was loading with, it was Friday and the Superbowl was on Sunday. This person had a 60 inch TV (2012 so this is super high dollar) and put it on the top shelf of a semi truck (on the wall of packages already there). It was slightly angeled toward us and when they walked away it started to slide back out and fell all 10 feet back to the ground and broke. I would like to say we are perfect but we aren't, accidents do and will happen.

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Yes they are governed but I believe (don't quote me on this) that it is 75 mph. I do know I've seen them on the highway going faster than 65.