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What’s your thoughts on the red to far red ratio or R:FR

In nature it’s usually around 1:1.5 from what I’ve seen

But many led companies claim a low rate has a negative impact on plants could u go into that?

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Please answer this

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Not him but I’ve seen a 100% kill rate with quillaja extract (chitin) at a rate of 4 tsb to 1 gallon of water.

See jayplantspeaker on Instagram for more he has many studies posted claiming the same

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So in short if you have adequate airflow you should not prune as it would be a net negative to the plant.

The argument i see for pruning slot is that the plant will waste energy and the top buds will not be as good?

Is that flase

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Thankyou so much

Also any books you would reccomended on cultivation?