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Firstly, wow and well done! So pleased for you and keep fighting. Is there anywhere we can donate towards treatment or anything like that?

You look quite young - how old were you when you was diagnosed? I found this via instragram as I was searching as I’m currently having a really bad health anxiety worry about pancreatic cancer. My GP’s have said it’s nothing to worry about, my family have and many people online as well have said it’s nothing to worry about (abdomal pain/discomfort left side, some mid/upper back discomfort and acid reflux - about 7 weeks now). However, your reply above saying not to worry unless it was “progressive, novel and persistent” that actually helped me a lot tonight (as my symptoms are on/off and vary) - so even though you didn’t mean it, you really helped a health anxiety sufferer tonight. Thank you so much.

God bless, keep smashing it and let us know if we can help.

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To add, I’m 30 and from the UK (male), hence the age question - everyone says it’s like 1,000,000/1 someone around that age for pancreatic cancer. Thanks again man, you are amazing!