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Do you realize that when you attempt to spread obvious nonsense such as you have elsewhere in this thread about breathing through your mouth, it makes your whole story sound like bullshit?

Edit: whining about your post being removed doesn't help your case.

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That generation also demonized its children (and murdered them at Kent State and Jackson State) for opposing an illegal, immoral, unjust war.

That generation also ran roughshod over a good portion of the world politically, preferring right-wing authoritarian regimes (and in many cases overthrowing democratically elected regimes) and establishing the realpolitik that we're dealing with the repercussions of now.

So please, none of Tom Hanks' blather about "The Greatest Generation". They defeated the Nazis, yes, then presumed everything they did was good and noble and just. They are no more a great generation than any other.

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Why does the porridge bird lay its egg in the air?

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Uhm, no, Eisenhower got us into Vietnam. And yes, they accomplished a lot. They also fucked up tremendously. As has every other generation. They are no more "Great" than any other.