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This is so pathetic you are trying to make this your path to fame. I honestly feel sorry for you. You really think you are out there making a difference? You think you are fighting the good fight and "resisting"? You are fueled by hate, you spout hate, and you part of the problem - but you are probably too smug and too stupid to realize it.

Also, you look exactly like I would expect. No wonder you are such an angry person.

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That is such a bullshit statement. If you want to go after anyone, go after the places illegally selling them to kids under age. ITS STILL ILLEGAL.

Every single one of my friends that smoke ecigs (late 20s early 30s) all prefer flavors. So if kids like the flavors, then just ban them - even if adults prefer them? Completely backwards logic.

Why are you not going after alcohol companies that sell whip cream and cherry etc flavored vodkas?

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Is this a joke? Screeching like a child is not making a difference. Creating jobs is.

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During the recession 10 years ago, schools in California had to shut down and shorten the school year with "furlough days" and that was WITH tuition. How are colleges going to stay functioning if/when we ever hit a recession if they are "free" like you are proposing? Where are these tax dollars going to come from if unemployment reaches 10%?

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LOL is right. If that inst bullshit leftist propaganda I don't know what is. If you actually take that list seriously thats embarrassing