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LA_Nail_Clippers288 karma

What are you doing in terms of health insurance, retirement, later working years, etc. (depending on your locale of course)?

I have a few friends who did some less-than-legal work in the cannabis industry for years, and are now in their mid 40s and realized they haven't contributed enough to retirement, and have had a tough time getting 'real' jobs now that they want to go legit. It's an unfortunate circumstance.

LA_Nail_Clippers39 karma

Thanks for the response! Good to hear. The social programs we have here in the States aren’t nearly as universal, especially if you’re on the legal fringes - let alone 100% legitimate things as an independent business person. I have a friend who’s a novelist and she constantly struggles with maintaining reasonable health insurance, let alone even thinking of retirement.

Client networking. Duh. While you have an independent job - you meet plenty of new people all the time!