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I was member of one organised group within one major religion. We have never been asked directly do give money, but it was expected from us. But we could ask help with employment from other members at influential positions.

Is is same for SeaOrg? Money and easier employment. And how big percentage of your members have university degree and/or PhD?

And what level did you reach?

Thank you for your bravery, I believe it is hard for you.

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Thank you for reply.

I met some members of Scientology church in Bologna Book Fair (Italy - biggest children book fair) where they were selling Scientology books in all major languages for wholesale at bargain prices. Of course no country or distributor wanted to buy from them.

Good luck in your life and carpe diem.

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Hi! I see you have lot of common with Croatian brand Maraska. Can you tell us who got first with Maraschino and other cherry products? I see that design is very similar.

Thank you.

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Thank you for answering.

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Tell me is Western workforce wanted in China. I am from europ and if I was interested in working in China. Would I have some preferential status as white guy?

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In what areas is China looking for skilled workforce?