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Also all our schools (public or private) teach Arabic, English, and French.

That moment when you realize a terrorist infested warzone in the middle east still has better schools than the US.

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Taco Bell in Europe? "Error 404"

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No, the media just shows what the rest of Syria looks like. Damaskus is literaly the only larger city that remained untouched. I've been to Aleppo 10 years ago...it really sadens me to see what happened to his gem.

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If you had to choose between Mikaela Shiffrin, Lindsey Vonn or Julia Mancuso....what was your pick?

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Would you agree that skiing is such an underrated sport that deserves as much attention as other major world sports? I mean it's crazy...people doing downhill icy slopes on two skids with far more than 100 km/h without any significant body protection - that's really spectacular!