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Kxmxtrxx2 karma

Alright, thanks a lot for your quick and detailed answer! Appreciate it.

About the WILD technique: My main problem was, as soon as i try to glide into the dream, my heart starts beating like crazy, even if i wouldnt say im mentally nervous. The dream builds up and my mind starts working so much that i tend to be fully awake within 10 seconds.

Are you familiar with that kind of problems?

Kxmxtrxx2 karma

Hey, glad to see a LD expert here!

About me: I usually barely remember my dreams. I go to bed and wake up in the morning without any idea what I dreamed of. I discovered Lucid Dreaming about 3 years ago and started a dream diary as well as trying DiLD and WiLD techniques. I basically had 1 stable Lucid Dream with control ability which felt like 3 minutes. Wild gave me small successes with touching the "dreams border" but then slipping out again and laying awake lol.

My Questions to you personally:

1) How often do you manage to dream lucid? 2) How long do your lucid dreams last? (How long did they feel) 3) which technique do you prefer? 4) Do you have any tips for WiLD?