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Thank you for bringing this up. Travel because you enjoy it, not because you're running away from something.

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Can you elaborate on what they did to view you as inferior? Was there a sense of pity coming from them?

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I love reading your comments, its very eye opening. As someone who is currently applying to medical school and dreading it, your story really puts things in a different perspective for me. I'll be working on applications with more appreciation tomorrow

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Yeah, I try to do that with everyone. I've been pitied for other reasons when I was down. It was not a great feeling.

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From what you were told officially and what you heard through rumors, what was the cause of the Mai Lai Massacre?

I've heard that it was because the inhabitants were starting to get into the way of Medina's drug trade in the area and so he wiped them out. Can you shed some light on this?