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I'm a vet student and recently we had to put down a horse that could have maybe been saved through surgery - approx 60% chance according to my professor/doctor (point is: the owner didn't have the money to try it anyway).

It really sucks. The owner herself was crying. The way I consoled myself is that animals live in the present, so up until that point, the horse was happy, and only felt that immense pain for a little while before being humanely euthanized. Overall it's good for the animal, even though it could have had better treatment. Same for cats/dogs, they live very much in the present, they would not know that they had a possible future. I find it best to look at things from their point of view for this.

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You remind me of Toph, a small blind girl that ends up being the toughest character of the show, using a technique called earthbending, which is based on Kung fu. She senses opponents through the vibrations made by their steps on the ground. I know earthbending obviously doesn't exist, but how realistic is to sense someone's location by feeling vibrations on the floor? (you can make fun of me and say it's totally unrealistic if that's the case!)

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I have many blind friends, and I know some that are able to sense a wall, or tree, or whatnot according to how it reflects their voice. And some of the others are unable to do so.

So my follow-up question would be: is sensing people through their vibrations an (at least partially) inate sense? How come some people are able to -such as Pier Morten-, and others not (maybe you?). Is it something you can achieve through a lot of training?