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Are you an theist now or does another religion seem more appealing?

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It does not taste sweeter, yet it alters the flavor in a subtle way.

I also take my store bought steaks and put them on a clean towel, on a small rack in the bottom of my fridge. Leave it there for a week and change the towel. when it comes time to cook the steak put it somewhere where it can come to room temperature before you cook it. I put mine in a microwave.

I have cats and a large dog, so counter surfing is a thing for them.

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How did you track the progress of the war?

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So the German guards were OK with the POWs having a wireless set? Listening to BBC radio? Or was the set concealed and brought out when it was safe to do so?

Thanks for the response!

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Did the progress of the war, i.e. the Allies winning, the invasion in June of 1944 and so on, cause your treatment as POWs to change? Did you se a change in the morale or comportment of the guards around you as the war wound to its conclusion?