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Greetings Bernd! I am once again representing a small Russian community (~1.1k) and sharing their questions with you. Here we go:

  1. ⁠Will we be able to move HQ between sectors?
  2. ⁠Would a Terran Start require doing the HQ quest, or would we just receive at the end of the storyline?
  3. ⁠Will the sun scale in various solar system sectors, like in DeVries, or maybe in some new way?
  4. ⁠Would Terran ships be superior to Commonwealth ships, as it has been in X3?
  5. ⁠Will the iconic Terran weapons make a return?
  6. ⁠Will the Torus be an important part of the DLC?
  7. ⁠Will the existing races receive new ships in the near future, as having one XL and L per faction does not seem to be enough?
  8. ⁠Will “Unique” ships, such as Hyperion Vanguard “Trinity” be added? X4 is in part about having fun collecting ships, yet you can simply buy all of them.

And my personal favorite (again):

• ⁠How are you doing today?

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Thanks a lot, Boss!