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I also had a limb lengthening, 3 actually, but mine was to correct a single length discrepancy in my leg. Have you met many other people who have had this kind of procedure done?

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I was thinking for any reason. I’ve only met maybe 1 other person who has had a limb lengthening. I had all my surgeries at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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My discrepancy would have been 6 inches if I’d had no surgeries. Rn with all my procedures done the difference is hardly noticeable although I still have a limp

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Pins are affixed to either side of an osteotomy (bone break). The pins attach to an external or internal frame that gets lengthened, typically millimetres a day. There’s a lengthening phase and growing phase. During the growing phase the osteoblasts form new bone in the missing gap. Your body will actually overproduce bone at a break so for a short period you have a large lump in your bone before it finally shapes properly. I’ve been a part of a couple experimental lengthening procedures.

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If I hadn’t corrected anything it would’ve been 6 inches