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While you're correct about compliance cars, the Chevy Bolt doesn't fit your description. It was the first 200+ mile range, sub $40k EV made available in every state. You can roll into nearly every Chevy dealership and buy one. Even after being released in 2017, it stands as a major competitor to other EVs with its balance of price, range, e.t.c. The Ford Focus Electric is what you were thinking about in terms of compliance car.

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about the Mach-E. But 'compliance' or not, Ford has yet to have a 200+ mile range BEV on their lot here in Wisconsin while Nissan and Chevy have for several years now. Wisconsin is not a CARB or even EV friendly state.

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From an engineering perspective, what separates the Mach-E from the other current EV competition?

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To slightly answer your question #1, EVs in general have a higher ride height because of the battery pack in the floor. I would bet it's closer to CUV ride height.

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So you're saying Ford is bringing sedans back in EV form? You would have people lining up for that.