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I believe he got an MBA in Germany, then married.. but haven't seen or heard from him since :(

Yep, AFAIK he went back to Hamburg to study. He has been streaming some Hearthstone and the occasional league game during his breaks, but that might have been already 2-3 years ago.

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Thanks for the reply, will definitely think about joining then :)

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Kind of adding to the questions here. If I would join using the monthly plan, will I be able to cancel any time or do I have to stay for a certain time (like 12 months or so)?

It is kind of intriguing for me, since I already did stream for some time, but then life happened and I also kinda lost the initial passion. Since both things could be happening any time again, I would rather dip my feet into the water for a month or two to see if this feels right for me instead of making a full commitment for a longer period.