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What's the best way to mentally deal with sudden and unexpected change of forced isolation? Is it mostly about staving off boredom?

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Do you have any opinions on investors behavior during covid 19? More specifically how certain financial firms may have targeted people who have or would dabble in market that have recently lost work due to the pandemic?

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Does the job ever become easier? Are you ok after handling so much trauma? Do you guys get extra (mental health) supports for your line of work?

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Seriously what's your take on the growth of cryptocurrencies in the last few years and could you ever see them intertwined in some fashion with markets, the dollar or everyday life in the coming years or perhaps further future?

Also do you think bitcoin directly has some relative correlation with gold now in comparison when gold was first becoming a world standard for trade?

Edit: I'm also just reading threw your crypto related comments now, excuse me if I accidentally asked twice.