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Hi Jimmy! Thanks for your time.

I’m a design professional and I can’t help but notice your very barebones design of your site. Was that intentional? Or is the aesthetic feel of your site not on your radar?

To elaborate, you may hinder your ability to grow organically if people (outside of the academic minority) feel your website is “dated” “cold” or “too lifeless”. Alternatively, you could say your site is designed that way on purpose to make it seem less frivolous or “not like the other guys”. A very static and “beige” approach to design is typical of a Wiki site, I’ve found, and can help it’s goal of academic neutrality. In a social context, however, where people will spend large swaths of time, I can see this being a hindrance for you.

I of course don’t mean these as insults, but as a genuine question of the design direction.

KourteousKrome11 karma

Used by white supremacists in their online boards (like 8chan). Not sure what context, exactly. Long story short, the media started associating Pepe with racist cousin-fuckers.