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Relevant username...

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As a mid 20s guy with mediocre success in getting past performance anxiety in the bedroom, I've regressed quite a bit. I'm now with my lovely partner for over a year now, but the issue comes up every other time we try to be intimate. I'd tested for hormonal imbalances and whatnot, but that's not the issue. Viagara also only worked sometimes.

It's a healthy relationship. She knows I'm trying my best to relax. Any further tips or strategies? Is it just more time trying to relax?

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I've been planning a lightly similar trek, though starting in remote northern Inuit communities in Canada (having been to many already) and working my way down to the most southern tip of South America.

No matter my trek, my concern is always food supply. How do you cope with this stress? Do you purchase it or ask for food when stopping in villages? What if you're out of money, do they often accept working aid in exchange? Do you forage? This is really the only obstacle that's halting my progress, and I'm wondering how you manage this issue in your treks.

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Entire history? That's irrelevant to what we are discussing and a poor attempt to invalidate what I've said. Instead of searching for excuses, why not address what I've said? I've brought counter points to your apparent constructive criticisms, yet all you've done is deflect and distract. Address them or don't bother continuing this conversation for the sake of both of us.

Edit: My real issue with what you've said beyond what's noted above, is that you assumed some sort of authority and decided for everyone what the right course of action is. You spoke on behalf of all homeless and any other stakeholders in this. You want to talk about begging for an argument? That's a good way to start one.

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Thanks for the great reply and the links provided. Follow up question if you happen to see this: do you have any preparation or plans if you encounter the various predators and wildlife out there?