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Relevant username...

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As a mid 20s guy with mediocre success in getting past performance anxiety in the bedroom, I've regressed quite a bit. I'm now with my lovely partner for over a year now, but the issue comes up every other time we try to be intimate. I'd tested for hormonal imbalances and whatnot, but that's not the issue. Viagara also only worked sometimes.

It's a healthy relationship. She knows I'm trying my best to relax. Any further tips or strategies? Is it just more time trying to relax?

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Hi Margaret! I'm currently attending Trent University in Peterborough, Canada, and have had the fortunate opportunity to study a variety of your works and interviews. I have two questions for you: one, have you considered doing a guest lecture at Trent University in any future years? The second question is a bit tougher: do you think there is a universal element that Canadians can identify that constitute being Canadian? Or is the Canadian identity still fundamentally fragmented, and will continue to exist in a strange liminal space where our identity in a paradox, insofar as the idea that we don't have a discernable identity and that assumes our identity? Thank you!