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I kind of had faith that it would do well at release actually. Dealing with the PR and marketing at the time, I admit I was scared of exiting our safe little early access cocoon and how it would be accepted in the wider world. Part of me did also worry that people might be bored hearing about it after being in development so long but...I tried to turn the long development time into a positive when talking to media. I mean, it took a hell of a lot of love and determination, and 12 years development shows that.

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And Sseth and Cohh Carnage too! They all had a huge impact for us

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Off the top of my head, I'll always love the Shek Kingdom and the Hivers. But also, surprisingly for me, maybe the skin bandits. When I first saw the skin suit models I was like damn I have no idea how to make this work. But actually I'm quite proud of how creepy they turned out. I also, when I was still quite new to writing Kenshi, got a bit carried away and wrote way too much 'shoo from shop' reactions that last really long and have loads of variations. But most players probably will never even see it :')

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Basically, yeah. I'm not sore about it at all.

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For the writing, I can't really think of any books, but Skyrim and the Fallout games (old and new) stories really inspired me. I play a lot of other big rpgs too like Dragon Age and the Witcher. They can all have quite dark sides and grey areas to them which always intrigues me. I love to try and include that kind of thing wherever I can in Kenshi.