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How much money are you making from this new business?

Obviously I'm not asking what your EXACT pay is, and if you'd prefer to message me your answer instead of reply, that's fine.

You DID say Ask you ANYTHING!

I just want to know how well you're doing with this awesome new business you've created!

I'm about to drop my first video game for PC, Android, and iOS, so I'm also starting a new company! (I'm not asking to compare... two totally different worlds! I'm just asking out of pure curiosity!)

Also, your new found job makes me think of this line from Westworld! "A RELENTLESS... FUCKING... EXPERIENCE!" =)

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Mine is a game company. We will be releasing our first game in a few months time.

Maybe more if our kickstarter campaign goes well(because then we will add more to the game!)

That's really awesome! 20K in profit is still profit, and for a company to make a profit in it's first year is a great accomplishment!

Where do you live if you don't have a home? Hotels/motels, your car, friends places?

Either way, congrats on your success!!!

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Good reference right there! <3 Parks and rec!!

Great answers! thank you for taking the time, and I wish you the best of luck this year with everything!!!

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Do you need a janitor to work for you? I am a master of the custodial arts! =)

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How do you manage to stay upbeat through the burnout stage? My tolerance is VERY high so I smoke a lot, but it doesn't take long(few hours) before I'm completely burnt out and feeling like I need a nap.

How could I go about pushing through and staying awake and getting things done when all I want to do is sleep at that point?

Any advice would be great! I want to get so much more done, but I feel the only way is to just not smoke weed until night time or something.... But fuck that lol! :D