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best reply here.

Also, very cool AMA. it's interesting to say the least. I hope the pregnancy goes smoothly for you.

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What type of therapist are you? What do you specialize in? What age group(s) do you see most often, and from someone who has seen plenty of therapists, including intensive outpatient therapy for 6 months, How do you approach situations when you can tell the patient is in trouble and needs help but won't ask for it? PM me if you like, I could use a good therapy session, I recently joined the USMC and I feel like i'm losing the grip i once had on myself prior.

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I don't have a question, but i'm glad you got home safe Sgt. Seems like the only deployment i'll see in the USMC is to Okinawa on a freaking MEU. i'll be watching for sure!

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that order is perfect.

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I dont get it, deaf since birth, but you don't know sign? I'm sure the question has been asked, but...why?